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About the START Program

Janine's Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stanford START? (Back to Top)
START (Successful Transition to Anesthesia Residency Training) is a special educational program designed to enhance the transition from the first clinical base year (internship) to anesthesia residency at the Stanford University School of Medicine. The online educational and virtual mentorship program will cover general anesthesia foundational knowledge and Stanford-specific work environment information needed to flourish during the first month of anesthesia residency at Stanford. The program will last approximately ten months.

Why was START created? (Back to Top)
The START program was created based on feedback from current and former residents of Stanford Anesthesia. As a world-leader in perioperative medicine and anesthesia education, Stanford created an innovative online and virtual mentorship program to help provide a seamless transition from internship to the increased responsibilities and clinical duties of anesthesia residency at Stanford.

When is START being launched? (Back to Top)
Stanford START was inaugurated for the incoming CA-1 class of 2010. Each year's program commences on September 1 and concludes at the start of anesthesia residency at Stanford the following July.

Who created START? (Back to Top)
The START program was envisioned and created by Larry Chu, MD, MS (Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Stanford) and Kyle Harrison, MD (Clinical Assistant Professor, Palo Alto VA Hospital).

How can I participate in START? (Back to Top)
You must be a member of the Stanford Anesthesia incoming class in order to participate in the Stanford START program. If you have questions about how to access online resource that are part of the START program, please contact the teaching assistants, Ms. Lynn Ngai or Ms. Edna Miao.

I'm not from Stanford, can I still participate in START? (Back to Top)
Unfortunately, the START program is designed specifically for Stanford anesthesia residents. While we do cover many of the fundamentals of anesthesiology during the course, we also focus on work place and environmental issues that are specific to Stanford hospital and its affiliated teaching institutions. Therefore, we cannot officially support students from other institutions. However, you are certainly welcome to browse and access the publicly-available educational components of the START program.

Janine's FAQ's

What is the date I absolutely have to be at Stanford? (Back to Top)
The last business day of June

Do I need to take USMLE step 3 before arriving at Stanford? (Back to Top)

When should I begin the California licensing process? (Back to Top)
As early as possible, October is suggested. Access the necessary paperwork at and do not wait to complete all portions of the paperwork before sending it in. The Board will keep a file on you as paperwork arrives. The L4 form will automatically be completed by Stanford and sent to the Board after your first day of training with us.  It is your responsibility to have your internship program complete the L3 and send to the Board.

When will I receive my contract? (Back to Top)
Contracts are sent by GME anywhere from March 15th – April 15th.

When will I know my rotation and vacation schedule? (Back to Top)
The rotation schedule will be in place by mid-April and sent to you via the chief residents. You will then receive communication from Janine regarding the scheduling of your vacation weeks. If you have a special occasion to schedule such as a wedding, please contact Janine as early as possible.

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